I’m happy to be participating in Five Minute Friday.

Just reading this word makes me take a deep breath. This is a word full of emptiness…see what I did there?! I feel the empty hole deep in my heart. It takes my breath away.

What do I lack? It’s such an easy question to answer…lots and lots of money, rust-free vehicle, all of my kids presence in my home, the physical presence of my mother, and I can imagine emotions I lack…until I stop and take a good look at life.

It’s far easier to focus on the negative aspects of life which is why it is easier to answer the question of lack, to gaze into that gaping hole of emptiness and see all the things I imagine are there. Which makes it full. Of crap.

When I give time and focus on my perceived lack of anything, it only takes a few seconds until I’m overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, despair, depression, anxiety. For a long time of my life I looked at what I didn’t have instead of what I have.

So my lack got erased with counting my blessings! I chose to look at the facts of what I know is true in my life. We have enough to pay our bills. We have a vehicle which runs from East coast to West coast so I can visit the kids. I am blessed beyond measure with 4 biological children, a son-of-my-heart, and many more amazing young people who fill my heart and home with love and laughter! I have several mother figures in my life who fill the void of her death. I have learned how to choose peace and to be joyful in difficult times. I have learned to refocus…now I need to learn to always practice this!!! HA!

And so it is in these ways lack is erased and the black hole of emptiness is filled with the light of life instead of the darkness of lack!


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